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Defeating the doldrums of January - String Theory Yarn Co

Defeating the doldrums of January

by Meg Dedolph

I’ve been reading “Joyful,” by Ingrid Fetell Lee, because I like reading books about how to be happier, especially going into January. The fun of the holidays is past and the wintry weather really sets in, making everything I do just a little more difficult. It's just harder. 

Lee’s book gave me some good tips for ways to approach the fiber arts more mindfully, which I hope helps me make it to spring, because I can't run away to Florida.

Here are my favorites.

Colorful abundance: Fetell says pops of color lift the spirits. I’m going to embrace yellow this winter, and look for ways to work with other vivid, sunny colors. I already know I like to knit with green yarn in February; this seems like a natural next step.

Sunlight: I set up a new knitting spot next to a window so I can enjoy what sunny days we get, and also look out into the yard. Next step? Put a birdfeeder in the tree that’s visible from the window so I can enjoy the chickadees and cardinals (and, OK, squirrels) as I knit.

Play: I feel some knitted critters coming on. Maybe 2022 is the year I improve my crochet skills enough to make amigarumi, those cute little creatures with button eyes that I’ve always admired. It's time to hop on Ravelry!

What are you all doing to embrace the season? Let us know in the comments.

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