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When to throw in the towel - String Theory Yarn Co

When to throw in the towel

There is no shame in quitting.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: There is nothing wrong with quitting. Here’s some more thoughts on how to know when it’s time to let a project go.

  1. If your body does not let you do the work. I have a friend who learned that her hands hurt when she knits acres of stockinette in the round, but cables, lace and shorter rows are fine. If your project is hurting your body, let it go.
  2. If the project no longer reflects who you are as a creator. Just because you wanted to make this before doesn’t mean you want to make it now. Put your creative energy into who you are now, not who you were three years ago.
  3. If you’ve learned what you need to know. I think of that common first project, the garter stitch scarf. (Mine was teal and acrylic. It was not a great scarf). It usually doesn’t take five feet of scarf to learn to knit, and if you are two feet in and you have learned what you came to learn and want to go on to something more interesting, let the project go. 
  4. If you would rather knit a barbed-wire beanie than one more row. Not everybody loves every kind of yarn. You tried it, you didn’t like it, you have permission to frog it and find someone who loves to work with cotton, or mohair, or really sheepy wool and give them the yarn.
  5. Absolutely any reason at all not listed above. You are the boss of your knitting, the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. 

Which of these was the "permission" you needed today?


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Sara Petkus - February 18, 2022

“You’ve learned what you need to know”…. I needed to hear that! Thanks

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