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Must Have Knitting Notions for your Travel Knitting Bag - String Theory Yarn Co

Must Have Knitting Notions for your Travel Knitting Bag

I Got a Notion by Meg Dedolph

Travel knitting isn’t complete without the right assortment of notions. I like to travel light, so I leave big knitting accessory bags at home.

Here’s my tips for the best things to bring on-the-go.

Start by going through your junk drawer to find an Altoids tin, or something of similar size. European candies come in fun tins and I’ll be honest, I have bought candy just for the pretty container it comes in. Once I bought licorice, which I don’t even like, but the tin was dark blue with a harlequin on the front and I couldn't pass it up.

Another great way to travel with notions is to find a little plastic pill box. Sometimes these are on the cheap side, so test it by opening and closing it a few times to make sure all the compartment lids work right.

Here’s what goes in it: 

  • Stitch markers, a few different types and sizes, but not my fancy ones that I’d be upset if I lost.
  • Yarn needles. At least two, because nothing’s worse than dropping your only needle between the seats on the plane.
  • Tiny scissors. I checked the TSA website, and you can bring scissors on the plane if the blades are less than 4 inches long. 
  • A foot or two of scrap yarn (or try on tube) for provisional cast-ons, holding stitches, etc.

In each project bag, I put a photocopy of my pattern and a pen or pencil, because I don’t like digging through my bag to find something to write with on an airplane. 

And that’s it. I’ve got an audiobook on my phone, my earbuds are charged, and I’m ready to hit the road.

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