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My new favorite Ravelry trick - String Theory Yarn Co

My new favorite Ravelry trick

By Meg Dedolph

Something many people say when they come into the shop, after they pick out yarn for a project, when I ask, “Do you have the right needles?” is: “Huh. I don’t know. I’m not sure. Maybe? I’ll go home and check.”

Or they add another 16-inch US6 circular to their stash.

I was chatting with a coworker about this problem, “Could we make a little laminated card people could keep in their wallets? Or a downloadable PDF? Or … is there an app?”

And she said, “You can do that on Ravelry, you know.”

Well, reader, I did not know.

And there are a lot of you that did not know, too.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Gather all your knitting needles in one place. (I can’t help you with this; this is your own problem.)
  2. Log in to your Ravelry account.
  3. Under the “notebook” heading, click on “Tools.”
  4. A grid of needle and hook sizes will appear. Enter your inventory.
  5. Stop buying 16-inch US6 circulars forever.

  6. Save this Pin for Later 📌
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Christine Seid - June 26, 2023

Well, this is certainly a helpful post! I’ve been on Ravelry a while and I had no idea. Thank you!

Teresa Knittingdancer - June 26, 2023

I have all of my needles listed on my Raverly account. I wish there was an option to list interchangeable sets. I pick a length for fixed circulars like 20 inches that I knew I didn’t have any fixed circulars and listed my interchangeable sets.

Liz - June 26, 2023

Love this Ravelry feature. I like to use the notes under each tool to remind myself of the tool’s location. Comments like: “in green project bag” or “with gray sweater for B” are so helpful if you are a poly-WIP crafter like me.

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