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Five Reasons Not to Buy Yarn - String Theory Yarn Co

Five Reasons Not to Buy Yarn

At our clearance sale you can get really high-quality yarn, tools and gifts at incredible prices. You might be tempted to buy something. But that voice in your head might be telling you not to.

1. I don't like to buy yarn without a project in mind.
Unfortunately (😉) we have sample projects knit up in almost every sale yarn and plenty of ideas for those that we don't.

2. My stash is already overflowing.
Maybe it is time to prepare for next year's Stash Sale.

3. I have to finish my current project first.
I know that some of you buy yarn, make a project, finish and then buy more. I admire the discipline that this takes. However, you are going to miss out on some really good deals. I suggest instead that you buy sale yarn, clearly indicate the project it is intended for and then assign it a number in your queue. #1 the shawl for your sister, #2 the hat for your nephew, #3 the slippers for yourself...

4. I simply don't need anymore.
You are right. Some people collect yarn because its beauty brings them joy. If that isn't you, consider a friend that could use a care package or a birthday gift. Surprise a new knitter with some of the good stuff. Stock up on gifts, just because.

5. I'm not good enough yet to buy good yarn.
Sorry, don't ever let me hear you say this. No matter where you are in your knitting or crochet journey, you are absolutely good enough to knit with good yarn!

Yarn unravels and every project can be as perfect as you want it to be. Also, beautiful yarn turns the simplest projects into works of art.

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