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Pattern Suggestions for Manos del Uruguay Franca

Pattern Suggestions for Manos del Uruguay Franca

I think that instant gratification gets a bad rap. I was searching for a fun "instant gratification" quote to include here and all I came up with was how delayed gratification is a sign of maturity. How you must put off what you want now for what you want more. Maybe it is because these things are true that a little bit of instant gratification is so delicious.

I think at some point we all need a little treat to brighten up our week. So, let me recommend that you indulge your inner child with a little instant gratification: a quick project in Manos Franca.

I'll be honest. We first brought Manos Franca into the store because we are having trouble getting Malabrigo Rasta (pandemic mill issues in Peru). Previously, I had reasoned that Rasta and Franca are interchangeable (and they are), so why stock both. But now that we couldn't get all the Rasta we wanted, I decided to give Franca a try.

Franca Review
When I opened that first box of Franca, I discovered that even though both yarns work for the same patterns, they are different.

Franca is so soft. That kind of soft that makes people gasp when they touch it. 

Franca is also loftier than Rasta, resulting in more yardage per skein - 114 yards per 150g. (Rasta has 90 yards per 150g.)

So whether you need a break from Sleeve Island or a fun cable after miles of stockinette, I suggest you grab a skein or two of Franca and try something different.

Quick Project Suggestions

Around the World Hat

Rise and Shine Hat and Cowl (pictured above)

Into the Wild Headband


Golden Touch Cowl

Hillcrest Beanie - crochet

Franca is made by the beloved women of Manos del Uruguay. To learn more about their story (or to just take a little virtual vacation) click here.

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