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Scarf Market 2020 - String Theory Yarn Co

Scarf Market 2020

Every year our customers make (and donate) boutique-worthy scarves for our Scarf Market which runs Thanksgiving through Christmas. We sell them and donate all proceeds to a different local charity. This year we are partnering with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, where every dollar we raise will become $8 in groceries for a local family in need.

Twelve years ago we were looking for a way to channel the goodwill of our customers to help the homeless situation in DuPage county.  We considered knitting scarves to keep them warm in the winter but ultimately decided that raising and donating money to local organizations would have a greater impact.

So we make scarves and sell them to people who are looking to purchase a gift that gives back. Our customers end up with great gifts for their friends and family. We end up with significant funds to turn over to a local charity to help our neighbors. In the last ten years, we’ve raised almost $40,000.

How You Can Help

Please tell your friends about our Scarf Market. If you are reading this, you can probably make your own scarves, but there are lots of people that would love to purchase a handmade scarf for themselves or their friends and family. 

Or perhaps you have some time to make a scarf to donate to the market.

Need some ideas? Here's one, and another and a third.

The scarves that sell first are:

  • made from soft, natural fiber yarns that feel good around your neck
  • at least 5 feet long and about 7″ wide
  • white, natural, red or grey (other colors sell as well, but these colors sell firs; team colors are also good)
  • plain enough to appeal to a guy (we never seem to have enough good guy scarves)

Cowls and shawls are also welcome.

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Beverly Forbes - August 20, 2020

Most interesting blog. Love the Frida story. Also good variety of project ideas Thanks for this.

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