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What to Knit When you Don't Know What to Knit - String Theory Yarn Co

What to Knit When you Don't Know What to Knit

On Saturday, a customer told me that she loves to knit but hates picking out the project and the yarn. I have heard this before, but I admit, the first time I heard it, I was shocked.

One of my favorite parts of being a yarn store owner is that not only do I get to pick out yarn and projects for myself, I get to pick out yarn and projects for you! Whenever I'm introduced to a new yarn, I spend weeks planning. I swatch to figure out what makes this yarn shine. I research to see what others have done with this yarn and note which ones I think you would enjoy most. Then I work with the dyers to decide on a color palette that will draw you in. I love this process.

Nevertheless, I can see how in other aspects of my life, I can be overwhelmed by too many options. I hired a garden planner because while I enjoy a beautiful garden, I prefer being told what will thrive and where it should go. I subscribe to a Supper Club,  because I'm delighted to let someone else plan what I'm having for dinner once a week.

So I get it. There are a lot of decisions to make everyday. We are happy to tell you what to knit if you want us to. 😀

For example, once a month we host our Newish Knitter Knitalong*. Liz picks a project that is fun for newish knitters and experienced knitters looking for a "chill" project. We tell you what the pattern is and what yarn to buy. (Last summer we made the Versa Cowl, pictured above). Then we give you a link to join our weekly Zoom gathering so you can watch Liz demo the tricky bits, get your questions answered and hang out with a lovely group of fellow knitters.  

If you have a something else in mind, take a look at our kit selection.

We also have an option to "Surprise Yourself" at three different price points. Give us a word and we will put together a package to delight you.

If you have other ideas for how we can get you to the fun part of a project quicker, let us know.

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