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Community Member Spotlight! Liz Daly - String Theory Yarn Co

Community Member Spotlight! Liz Daly

Hi there, we're doing something new! Now you can get to know members of the String Theory Community through our monthly customer spotlight - It's one small way we can weave a stronger community of makers during challenging times. We ask the same five questions (plus a rapid-fire style THIS or THAT) each month to a different String Theory customer.

Want to be featured? Send an email to Emily: If you use Facebook, join the String Theory Community. Up next is someone many of you may already know from String Theory classes, her videos on our facebook group, or from visiting the store. Please meet...

Liz Daly

Ingot by Lisa Mutch Liz says: I love this pattern! It takes 1 skein of DK and you knit until you want to be done and with the large mesh section it lays beautifully!.  I've made several.

What do you like to be called and what are your preferred pronouns?

Liz - She

Favorite fiber craft?
Knitting although I learned how to crochet when I was about 10 years old.  My mom was teaching my grandmother and I was sitting and observing and before anyone knew it I was crocheting.  
How did you come to start knitting/crocheting/crafting
I learned to crochet when I was little.  I could never figure out knitting because there were 2 needles and all of those stitches!  When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I wanted to make her something.  At the time I didn’t know about String Theory but there were knitting classes at my local high school, enrichment courses.  I was never able to figure out knitting before but for some reason it just clicked and I never looked back.  I knit literally every day and if I miss a day I feel off. 
What is your favorite event or memory from String Theory 
My favorite memory is when Janet hired me!  I was interested in a part-time job working retail but Janet offered me a teaching job, something I had never done before but I believe that you need to take each opportunity that crosses your path.  Teaching knitting is by far one of the best jobs that I have ever had. I am truly so excited and honored that I can share my love of knitting and I can teach others a skill that has helped me get through some tough times and that has brought me so much joy.  
Logan by Justyna Lorkowska Liz says: It takes 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn and was fun to knit and a great size.  We have a lot of fingering weight yarn in the store and you just need to pick out 3 skeins.
What is one non-knitting/crocheting skill you'd like to learn one day
I have a few big knitting plans but for non-knitting, one day I would love to become a nurse.  I am fascinated with the medical field. I’ve had several surgeries and I’ve always asked if I could have a video or pictures of what was happening to me. I always get crazy looks when I ask. One surgeon was able to give me a picture and I am still fascinated by it.   
Rapid Fire THIS or THAT!
Knit or crochet? knit

Starting a project or finishing a project? start

DPNs or magic loop? magic loop

Fix the mistake or live with the mistake? depends on the mistake

Fingering weight or super bulky? Lace weight

Lace or cables? Lace WITH cables

Socks or sweaters? sweaters

Netflix or audiobooks (while crafting)? Audiobooks - The Vampire Knitting Club by Nancy Warren is ridiculous and perfect to listen to while knitting.
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