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Meet the Maker: Sarah Florent of The Woolly Dragon

Meet the Maker: Sarah Florent of The Woolly Dragon

We are so thrilled to introduce our community to the talented local dyer behind The Woolly Dragon, Sarah Florent! Sarah crafts her happy, brightly colored skeins in DeKalb, Illinois. Be sure to shop her lovely trunk show in person or online now through May 25!

How did you get into dyeing? Tell us your story, and where you’re located!

I started TWD in 2017 in Lindenhurst, IL at a time when I needed a positive change in my life. I’m currently living in DeKalb,and have been lucky enough to build out our basement into different work areas (wet and messy dye space, yarn storage, packing, etc).

I have a background in science and love the precise parts of yarn dyeing as much as the creative side. Combining microgram scales, graduated cylinders, and pipettes with yarn? Yes, please.

What is your favorite part of the process?

I love having a new idea pop into my head and daydream about what colors I could make from it.  I have digitally drawn out colors in different dyeing styles. Then I get to dye up the first test skeins. (FYI they don’t all work!)

Where do you get your inspiration for colors? How do you come up with names for the colors?

I almost always come up with the names first. My family knows lines to quote from TV and movies to cover almost any situation and I end up with those words rolling around in my head. My husband is especially good at picking names while watching our favorite shows.

Which color best reflects your personality and why?

Purple. It works equally well as a bright and playful color but also can be dark and moody.

Tell us about a WIP or a project in your queue that you’re really excited about! Which of your yarns would you recommend for this (or these) projects(s)?

I am about halfway through a Love Note sweater from Tin Can Knits – hopefully I’ll finish in time to wear it this spring! I think the color 8675309 on Hero – our singles yarn- held together with Mist on Fluff.

Of what you are sending us, what are your favorite colors or color combinations?

I love the bright, neon colors, especially Most Toys, for single skein projects. I also love stripes and color blocking. Some of my other favorites include Independent Thought Alarm and Knowhere.  I love these by themselves, striped with solids, or held with mohair.

What is your best knitting or crocheting tip?

When trying to remember which way to pick up a M1L or M1R increase, think of the phrase “be right back”. To make a M1R, insert the needle from the back.

What are two interesting things about you that aren’t fiber related?

I have degrees in Environmental Science and Geoscience from the University of Iowa. 

I was a drum majorette in our high school marching band, played the flute in symphonic band, and bass guitar in the jazz band.

If you didn’t dye yarn, what would be your dream job?

I’d be happy returning to a job in a biology research lab or educational setting.

What is the best advice you've ever received? 

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

Share with us one great thing you're either listening to or watching right now (audiobook/podcast/show/etc) - we love recommendations for what to check out while we're knitting!

I’m currently loving the Wool Needles Hands knitting podcast on YouTube. I’m a true crime junkie, and two of my favorite creators are the Morbid audio podcast, and Danielle Kirsty’s The Criminal Makeup on YouTube.

I recently finished reading Clark and Division by Naomi Hirahara, which has become one of my favorite books so far this year.

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