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Stash Sale May 25 - 27, 2023 - String Theory Yarn Co

Stash Sale May 30 - June 1, 2024

Stash Sale May 30 - June 1, 2024

What is a Stash Sale?

  1. You decide which of your yarns no longer "spark joy".
  2. You package and price these yarns (details below).
  3. You drop off your packages at String Theory after Mother's Day.
  4. We sell your yarn at the Stash Sale May 30 - June 1  
  5. We donate what doesn't sell to local charities.
  6. You get store credit (minus 10% for processing) for what does sell.
  7. You use the store credit before the end of the year to buy something new.

Stash is not a four letter word

I believe that your stash should be treated as a finely curated collection.  People collect all sorts of things (wine they will never drink, antique hangers, bottle caps...) so go ahead, collect yarn.  I would even suggest you take a couple of your favorite skeins and put them in a bowl on your dining room table, to make you smile when you walk through the room.

Nevertheless, I bet you can also find a few things that no longer belong in your collection. Whatever the reason, they just aren't quite right. It is time for you to pass those along to someone else who will cherish them.

This is why we have a Stash Sale. 

“Asking a knitter what he or she plans on doing with the yarn
he or she just bought
is like asking a squirrel what it plans on doing with that nut
it just buried under a pile of leaves.”

Clara Parkes, A Stash of One's Own: Knitters on Loving, Living with, and Letting Go of Yarn

Packaging and Pricing



  1. Pack up your yarn and needles only - no printed material, no bags, no gadgets
  2. Package yarns in clear ziplock bags. Bags that won't close will be added to our donation bin.
  3. Place your individual packages in a garbage bag or box with your name on it. You DO NOT need to put your name on every item. We will add an individual barcode to track what  is yours

Marketing is Everything

  1. Include a card with brand, yardage and fiber content if known
  2. Combine different colors of the same yarn in one package, because more yardage equals more possible projects
  3. Make pattern suggestions: "enough to make a great hat" "put this together with a skein from your stash for a shawl."...


  • Put a price on each package (not the individual skeins)
  • Think garage sale pricing, about 1/2 what you paid for it
  • The minimum price for any package is $1.  If you have things that you feel are worth less than that, package them together.

Bring your stash (already packaged and priced) to String Theory May 14 - 24th.

Charity Donations

Items that have not sold will not be returned; we donate them to local charities. Representatives from local charities are welcome to come to String Theory on Tuesday, June 4th to pick out yarns that would be useful to them.


Need some inspiration?  Check out what Kay and Ann have to say about tidying your stash on their Mason Dixon Knitting blog. Or this discussion of stash by Marie Greene.

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Maxine Prange - May 10, 2022

Thanks so much for re-establishing the Stash Sale. I’ve sold many bags of yarn and have purchased even more through this wonderful sale. It’s so much fun to rummage through the boxes.

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