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Karida Collins Neighborhood Fiber Co - String Theory Yarn Co

Karida Collins Neighborhood Fiber Co

by Ann Weaver              

While working at the Neighborhood Fiber Co. booth at the Stitches West knitting event in February, I took advantage of a rare quiet moment in the booth to interview Karida, the founder and president of Neighborhood Fiber Co., about three of her new colors inspired by Baltimore artists. The three colors—Joyce Scott, Amy Sherald, and Alice Gadzynski—are female artists of color who have lived and worked in Baltimore. I encourage you to read more about these groundbreaking artists. Here’s Karida!


We have the entire Baltimore Artist Collection available in Studio Sock. Stop by to see them all in person.

Karida (pictured above) is wearing Riverway by Veera Velamaki in the Amy Sherald colorway.

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