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Lorajean Kelley and Shannon Squire - String Theory Yarn Co

Lorajean Kelley and Shannon Squire

Lorajean Kelley, the mastermind behind Knitted Wit, is supremely talented at translating a current event into a yarn color. Her Cause yarns hit home for me every time. So when she announced that she was starting a Herstory collection. I immediately signed up. 2018 focused on women in STEM. (We still have some colors available. Take a look.) 2019 honors women in art. Here is the inspiration and color for March:

American film director Ava DuVernay has many firsts under her belt, and her activism and advocacy are inspiring as heck.

     March Herstory Yarn.
Her best friend, designer Shannon Squire might be most famous for her sock patterns, but she also designed one of my favorite projects the Spell Cowl. Double stranding seemingly incongruent colors of fingering weight yarn with a fun and easily memorized stitch pattern was described to me as "crack for knitters". They weren't wrong.
Shannon modeling her Spell Cowl
Shannon modeling her Spell Cowl

Take a look at this short video they made for us. They talk about the thinking behind the Herstory collection and their best knitting tips.



Want more of these lovelies? Follow them on Instagram: @shannonsq and @knittedwit. And watch their podcast.

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