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Hello, Hope Gift Package

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With your purchase of a Hello, Hope package, you hold the power to help a Rwandan woman break the generational cycle of poverty in her family and bring her hope.

Each package contains:
🧶 500 yards of Borocera Silk (handspun and dyed with onion skins)
💛 pattern suggestions
💛 6 stitch markers of hand-carved cow horn
💛 1 dumpling bag (assorted fabrics)
💛 1 wool felted gorilla ornament
☕️ Rwandan coffee from women-run farms
We've put together just 30 packages.
Handspun Hope was founded to help the women in northern Rwanda. The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi is part of their story…but it is not the end of their story. 
If we sell all 30 packages, Handspun Hope will be able to provide steady employment, healthcare, and counseling for one additional resilient Rwandan woman for a year.

Learn more about Handspun Hope from this CNN report from 2019.

. from Handspun Hope on Vimeo.


Set of 6 Stitch Markers: created from cow horn, a byproduct of the meat industry in Rwanda. Each piece is meticulously carved by hand by our artisan partner in Kigali, Rwanda. Fits up to a U.S. 10 or 6 mm needle

Mambo Gorilla Ornament: made from 100% organic, naturally dyed, wool. Our needle-felted sculptures help Handspun Hope give dignified employment to young deaf women in northern Rwanda. 

Question Coffee: By drinking this delicious coffee, you are investing in women farmers working in Rwanda.  These farmers produce high-quality products that increase economic independence for themselves and their families.

Kitenge Dumpling Bag: Handcrafted by women of the 
Umutima Cooperative in Kigali, Rwanda. The cooperative was created to address gender-based violence, gender inequality, and discrimination. Their mission is to provide education and vocational training to women who do not have the means to pay for such training on their own, so that they can gain better opportunities for employment. “Umutima,” means “heart” in Kinyarwanda. An embroidered heart in on the inside of each bag. Measures approximately 14.5" wide x 10" tall. Actual kitenge pattern will vary.

Customer Reviews

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Hello Hope Gift Box - Don’t Miss Out!

I picked up my Hello,Hope Gift Box today and I’m so thrilled and touched! I love the dumpling bag, the fabric and design and the embroidered heart inside ❤️. All of the items are so special, the beautiful, silky, one of a kind yarn, lovely stitch markers, and the felted gorilla - captured my heart. Thank you for supporting such wonderful, talented, and inspiring women of Rwanda and sharing them with us❤️!

HELLO, i HOPE you will put one of these packages in your cart!

There were lots of goodies in my package. The coffee smells heavenly and I'll try it very soon. The silk yarn was one of my colors and there is enough for a project I've had my eye on. How timely! The little bag is made of a beautiful printed fabric and is well constructed. The design of the handles is very clever. The markers are already in use in one of my projects. And who can resist the little felted gorilla who is now hanging from my desk lamp (along with my favorite Minion). But best of all, by buying this package, we are all helping our sisters in Rwanda to make an honest living and a better future for them and their families. Just one more opportunity that String Theory gives us to participate actively in their mission to make the world a better place, one skein at a time. And heaven knows the world could use a lot of help in 2024!

Your yarn makes a positive impact

By purchasing yarn from String Theory, you’re lifting up a number of small and female-owned businesses. We help women in Rwanda, who survived the genocide, educate a new generation. We help women in Uruguay find meaningful work without leaving their rural homes. We help a family in New Hampshire maintain a mill, a tradition spanning hundreds of years. We help restore the Patagonia Grasslands by encouraging sustainable farming.Every yarn we stock makes a positive impact.

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