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Picnic Basket

It is time to get outside and enjoy yourself. We've put together the perfect picnic basket with yarn, snacks, and other goodies. Grab one of everything and you'll be set for a fun afternoon in the sun! 



  • Cherry Honey Mustard - String Theory Yarn Co

    Cherry Honey Mustard


    This cherry honey mustard  from Benjamin Twigg is so good - a zippy flavor with a slight cherry infusion. try it in one of our many recipes, use it...

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  • Cherry Salsa - String Theory Yarn Co

    Cherry Salsa


    Cherry salsa is our latest addition from Benjamin Twigg. It’s a flavor fiesta of tomatoes, cherries and a great blend of seasonings that add an edg...

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  • EnV

    Drawstring Backpack


    Drawstring backpacks are a timeless thing for camping, hiking, and really any outdoor activity - and for knitting and crochet projects, too! This d...

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  • KnowKnits

    GoKnit Project Bag

    from $32.00

    GoKnit® Classic Project Bags are made with ripstop nylon, machine washable have an inner loop to keep your yarn in the bag. They also have a secur...

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  • -



    OuiSi is a set of 210 Visually Connecting Photo Cards that celebrate the beauty of everyday life. Each box includes a guide full of creative games ...

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  • ReZip Gallon Bags - String Theory Yarn Co
    ReZip Gallon Bags - String Theory Yarn Co

    ReZip Gallon Bags

    Original Price $26.00
    Current Price $20.00

    Behold, the reusable gallon. This spacious, waterproof, leak-proof reusable bag is a versatile storage workhorse. It’s like the disposable gallon z...

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  • ReZip Multi-size bags - String Theory Yarn Co

    ReZip Multi-size bags


    These (re)zip storage bags are sturdy enough to stand up on their own so they’re easy to fill. The double-seal shuts tightly enough to stop leaks. ...

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  • Uneek Fingering - String Theory Yarn Co
    Urth Yarns

    Uneek Fingering

    Original Price $34.00
    Current Price $26.00

    As the name suggests, these hand-dyed beauties are not your typical yarns! If you don’t want to bother with changing yarn colors, but still wan...

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  • Unpaper Towels - String Theory Yarn Co
    Unpaper Towels - String Theory Yarn Co

    Unpaper Towels

    Original Price $42.00
    from $22.00

    Keep your house clean and the earth cleaner when you make the swap to UNpaper® Towels. Reduce waste and your footprint when you ditch traditional p...

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  • String Theory Yarn Co



    Self-striping fingering weight yarn75% Superwash Wool,25% Biodegradable Nylon 459 yards per 100 gram ballCare: Machine wash; or Professional Dry Cl...

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